Thursday, October 29, 2009

Madras nalla Madras

Having heard it before from one too many people north of the Vindhyas who have stayed in Madras, I am pretty much used to the cribbing about how boring the city is.

The city is special to me(to be fair more like parts of it), but that doesn't mean others have to like it, isnt it? Thats a personal choice. or so I thought.

When you move into a place, it is up to you to adapt to the place. The Onus is on you. To understand the local culture, see the beauty and so on. Ofcourse, if the local culture is not fair, thats a problem. But dont ask for Snow in Madras nor parathas(parottos, you can). Nobody is asking for Marina beach in Dehradun - this is basic logic, no?

Cry babies, these ones! Also, this isnt specific to just the species up north. These ones exist everywhere like cribbing for idlis in Italy, steaks in sivasamundram.

* The above was a reaction to some of the comments in Krishashok's post on Lonely Planet page about Madras.


  1. Tat title got me all excited.. :)Madras romba romba nalla madran thaan:)

  2. Whats with this posting and then deleting? :)

  3. couple of hours i posted the last post, a colleage caught me on IM for work. so i deleted the post :)

  4. Read the review on lonely planet and the other blogger you mentioned. A pity.I wouldn't go to the extent of saying I like Madras a lot,but that review was blasphemy.

  5. Exactly, you dont need to like a place but that is more in your personal domain, you need to be honest when you are critiquing in public domain.