Sunday, November 1, 2009

Parrot beats Rahul Gandhi

In a study conducted by center for seemingly irrelevant but might be relevant or irrelevant topics, a Parrot trained along with Rahul Gandhi started making more intelligent conversation than Rahul Gandhi.

When contacted, Rahul Gandhi said this isnt his topic to comment on. Politics, Perhaps - suggested the helpful parrot from the non-Nehru family. Another reporter questioned Rahul on a topic on Kerala which Rahul said will be answered by the Kerala congress. When asked about naxals, he said it will be answered by the Government experts on naxalites.
*** What he is saying is these are out of syllabus questions, suggested the Parrot from the non-Nehru family.****

The reporter who was desparate for an answer, any answer, asked what he can answer on? At this point Rahul launched on some irrelevant and not even seemingly relevant topic called youth congress. He reported Tamil nadu has more than 1 million youth congress members. Reporter knew better than to point out that Tamil Nadu congress doesnt have that many members, heck it didnt even gather as many votes in the elections.

After 10 minutes, The Parrot from the Nehru family finished doling out its prepared speech. The video was uploaded in youtube, and 123abcd commented that Rahul Gandhi is a great thinker and should become the Prime Minister.

Parrot from non-Nehru family thinks it can become a Prime Minister too, guess it isnt that intelligent, huh?


  1. blasphemy!!!! RG is never wrong...if tomorrow he says 1+1=3, we WILL teach that in our schools...

    please take back your words...

    A gutless, brainless, identity-less Gandhi family loyalist

  2. Kaushik:
    I dont know, may be i am naive, but i believe his intentions are good except he isnt plain incompetent.
    For example, half the things in this post was really what he said!

  3. I was just joking...From what I have followed, he is just getting too much media attention. And that is my crib: It is upto the Congress to decide if they want to keep the PM post in the dynasty/Close confidants (and that too if they win the elections), but the media always seem to be batting for him, while it is their responsibility that they should try and expose his competence/incompetence. His political motive of meeting the electorate is played by the media as the prince meeting his praja, and that is unacceptable. IMO. I dont mind that he uses his name to gather votes, but it is not a level playing field if he is NOT treated like just another politician in the media. Which other 2nd time MP gets so much attention.

    I like his idea for elections to party posts, but then I dont think he will be able to do that uniformly for all posts.

    Ok...long rant...but unless the BJP gets is bearings correct, we are headed to an opposition less 2014 elections...

  4. Kaushik: my earlier comment should read as "he is plain incompetent".
    Agree on your comment. congress is really having it easy but not for long i suppose.