Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Caught red handed

Why do people display 'Live Traffic feed'? I feel like I have been caught red handed trying to snoop!


  1. Ditto!!
    I often wonder about that.

  2. Praveen, SK: good to see a club:)
    esp. when i dera puttify sometimes for few days in a blog, i feel outed! (i do that when i first start reading the blog)

    its ok if they want to know why shd the whole world know!

  3. No, I don't have a live feed and I echo your sentiment..
    Luckily , most of them don't say Shoba @ so and so, but rather "Visitor arrived from SFO,United States of America". Seriously,how does that matter...Just an ego boost, I assume. Pozhachu pottum, vidu.. :-)

  4. Shoba: thanks to that. but my vetti consciousness is kicks in:)

  5. +1, but i have not dared complain ... yet!

    - s.b.

  6. SB,

    Oh, its a universal story, nobody likes them - its price one needs to pay for reading the blog.
    So, you are taking Leave of absence along with Terri's mom?