Monday, November 9, 2009

A stage. Few people on it, lot of people before the stage. The ones on the ground complain about the ones on the stage. Crib Crib. dub dub. After much complaining, a man is elected and sent to the stage. With a lot of promises to be kept, the man stands out, but soon merges in.

The people on the ground go back to cribbing.

- whatever I could remember from a stage play I read in Kalki when I was in 6th std.

Update: The play reflected politics.


  1. Did you watch the play on Sunday? How was it?

  2. GW: Why not Kalki?!
    SK: r u referring to naatak?

  3. Hey , no there was the ponniyin selvan play by tamil mandram no? I thought you were referring to it.

  4. SK: dint know that, this was a play i read in the magazine 'Kalki'. Ponniyin Selvan is a huge effort for stage drama of few hours!