Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Here a Kashmir, there a Kashmir

"The general told Rajapaksa, his commander-in-chief, that he won for him the war but the President failed to capitalise on it and win the peace."
- Rediff
because you know 'peace' is sold right next to 'winning war' at Murugan stores located at the corner of 2nd avenue and 12th main road, so hello, how could you miss it?:)

Just to give a bit of context(because that is all I know - a bit), the Srilankan General who lead the war against LTTE and their President are in a big power game enough for the General to send a retirement letter and the Governement to fear a military coup to alert and seek India's help. I think somewhere along there is a mention of development to win the hearts and that is what caught my attention.

By Kashmiri's own admission in their blogs India has done that in Kashmir. But their response is we would do even better on our own without these if we were independent. And that isnt true either, again from just reading their viewpoints because it would need India and Pakistan for business.

First they said military oppression and then they say we dont need your good work either. It looks like once the separatist sentiments are instigated there is not much one can do to win. War or money. Just saying.

Also, let me clarify, Kashmir and tamil problem are not the same. In Srilanka, the whole tamil problem began because of the secondary treatment given to tamils and doesnt look like that attitude has changed. Kashmir, on the other hand, just want to separate, period.


  1. I think Kashmir is a never ending saga and will be unique..Reminds me of the poem my niece had written regarding indo-pak..Will post it some day.
    For the general and the president in Srilanka, it is a matter of survival and politics, which is unlike Kashmir that has a religious connotation to it.

  2. What disturbs me most is that no matter what happens, after the initial euphoria, life is going to be the same. (Is Kashmir separates I mean) But, we spill blood, spend money, break families - all towards what end?

  3. Shoba: But Srilanka's problem is based on ethinicit. divisions are always there, i can keep dividing and go all the way upto annanagar!

    Please do post your niece's poem, would be interesting to read the angle of a child.

    Saumya:Exactly. I mean if we let them go, it will still be the same state.