Monday, November 23, 2009

To a dear old friend

I have had it with you. Its time for you to leave. You and me, we go back a long time. Why, Amma says it started right from my birth. By her calculation I was born a month later but even if you take the doctor's words, I was still born much after my expected date. When in a bit of teenage angst I screamed at Amma saying, " I am going to have a love marraige". She screamed right back,"you are too lazy to even do that"!.

During all those times, I never complained. Sometimes, I spelled you even with a bit of pride, teenage was a delight with you. You were the fad among my friends. Just feeling lazy, ya, we revelled on the phone.

But as an adult, you brought in much shame. Those derogatory looks were from others. But today, I dont want you.I dont aspire to be an Indira nooyi, but a normal life of cooking, cleaning, dragging one's posterior & placing it for 8 hours on a chair. That isnt too much to ask.

So here, we split our paths. not sure what the procedure is. Do I need to print it out on Gazette papers or file for a divorce? unfriend you?

I have mountains to hike and camp at, sky to dive from, rivers to raft through, languages to learn/kill, songs to bray through and so on. But all you want to do is drag the rear to the couch and stay put. So, please to leave. While you are at it, take the procrastination bum along with you.

And its not ME, its YOU!