Saturday, October 17, 2009

Some people do make a difference

Ada is back in the car music system. The movie hasnt released yet. I dont know anything else about it apart from the music director. I bought the CD few months ago. It is an event, each of Rahman's release. There is Blue - do I really care about Akshay kumar and Sanjay dutt starrer? no. Yet,that was what DB, a friend who gives two hoots about Hindi movies and I spoke about last time we met.

I dont know of any other contemporary music director who can evoke something similar. SEL in Hindi, Harris in Tamil, why even Pritam who should be called a good arranger instead of music director are people I listen to. I am sure you have your share. But there is no comparison.

I wonder if there had been no Rahman or some other Genius like that would we have this sort of fervor for an audio release? Remove Rahman from the scene, what would we have?

In a way we are spoilt. We had an MSV, Illayaraja and Rahman. When journalists for the sake of an article called Harris the next Rahman, I would cringe. Listen to Annakili, you would straight way know Illayaraja arrived, Roja has Rahman written all over it. Geniuses have their stamps,. They set the trend, not merely reproduce another.

These people have brought in a heightened interest in film music. Without them, we would still listen and enjoy but not follow it with zeal we do. Now, thats what they call a true phenomena.


  1. Happy Diwali.
    BTW have you checked out ARR's next hollywood project?


  2. Anon?
    Wish you a very happy Diwali.
    No, not yet, did see in praveen's blog that i has tamil lyrics.