Tuesday, October 20, 2009

show off

Fancy people this country has. As she peels the corns of the corn(food network), she does it with a knife. She says I like to hold the corn with a paper when I do this. Sounds silly, when they make a process for such trivial acts. but that is this country's/this civilization strength. We are not huge on processes back home. finding and setting up the right processes works like magic for non trivial acts. but doing it for trivial acts and proclaiming it as if it is next noble prizy thingy is silly, too much as we tamilians like to say. BS.


  1. haha.. I laughed out loud when i read this.. iss too much i say.. as quick gun murugan would say..

  2. havent watched quick gun murugan but i think the phrase was pop. by goundamani:)

  3. ..everything is about presentation and first impressions, so no surprise there...BS it might be...but it works here..doesn't it? whatever works...