Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Bombay, Delhi and Calcutta

Chennai is Madras, Mumbai will be referred to as Bombay and Kolkatta will be calcutta in this blog. No MNS to attack the blogger, you see.

To be fair, I do understand the sentiments in changing the name back to their original ones. There is no necessity to call them with names that has been customized to the British tongue. But what MNS is doing is blatant terrorism. What happens if a film is set in the 80s, it will be madness to call in mumbai because the rechristening hadnt happened then.

But all this is a moo point, Raj Thackeray isnt really worried about the sentiments as much as the votes he thinks it garners. All this is getting to be boring. Same story different politicians, puh.


  1. Too many vetti people in this country I tell you!

  2. That they do it for media glare is obvious...

    Some of the prestigious places like IIT-Bombay, Madras, IIM-Calcutta still keep the old city spellings in their names...MNS (substitute any other party) do not have a issue with that at all...

    Hypocrites, the bunch of them

  3. Praveen: They arent vetti, the people who do blv. in them definitely are.
    Kaushik: Did you just give them a suggestion? Though i am sure the IITs would have no trouble in changing them but IITs arent as much publicity as probably as movies for the population concerned.

  4. Same story, different blog.

    Moo point. :p

  5. Oh and someone said many of the sons and daughters of these politicians go to Bombay Scottish!

  6. Oh God, you and kaushik would be immed. hired by raj thackeray, you are giving him ideas.

    And yeah, sometimes the same story, even same blog, different posts. time has stood still in terms of politics.

  7. it happens only in politics..silly reasons to climb those ladders- it is really unfortunate that they work still - taking patriotism to the limits !