Monday, October 19, 2009

Spider @ home

The boss went invisible whole of last week. We couldnt just see her, the email pestering came as they normally would. Bug bite, no lady bug or any such fancy ones, spider bite! Right the day I heard whole 15 minute story from the boss about her spider bite and the relevant stories(no, you dont become a spider woman but it does leave a permanent mark that scares the children away), I came home to the damn creature couple of feets above my couch, i mean couch, my dear couch. I shall one day write an ode to it, such is my love and this creature was threatening my position in that couch.

Now, it is just a spider, right? We all have grown up in lizard, spider infested homes. Ants, cockroach and Rats were fought against but dont particularly remember any war against spiders. The regular sunday cleaning included removal of cobwebs which means there must have spiders around, isnt it?

So, I decided to let the spider be and moved my rear to the dining table and continued to work. The spider is move likely by the time I finish work, I thought or so i thought. After couple of hours, the thing was still there. not a mm movement.

At this point, like any other dutiful responsible citizen of the 21st century world, I changed my gtalk message to indicate the spider @ home. Now, I dont logon to that thing often but i think i need to so that i can share with my grandkids about these things. A friend said that it is good protein and suggested I eat it(do i need to state sex of this said friend?). He also said they are mostly(80%) non-poisonous. Dear readers, tell me how is that of any comfort?

I did the thing that I have sworn around 100 times that I wont. I googled. When in distress never google. A mere common cold symptom is also a swine flu symptom is also some other near death symptom. There is a reason why physician spend 7 years studying, your google result of 7 second isnt a substitute. The poor substitute lead me to a set of 7 pictures of poisonous spiders found @ home. I dont know if you already know this, but spiders are insects.,they are tiny. All the 7 looked alike and this one looked like one of them. not a surprise, isnt it?

So I sprayed clorox(like the father in My big fat greek wedding, I am a big believer). After 2. 5 hrs of spending at the same spot, the spider finally fell on my couch. But thats about it. it wouldnt move an inch after that how much ever I tried. ok, may be it didnt move an inch but not more than that. Not certainly to the paper I was holding. Finally, I took the cushion outside and dumped the spider out.

Lesson learnt: Spiders are like sloth. If any one is waiting to be saved by spider man, they just have to wait for a week! And I am brave:)


  1. ROFL!

    But spiders are not insects. They are arachnids, no?!

  2. LOL.
    There are so many spiders out here that I see them even in my sleep now.

    Frist time here. Hopped from Praveen's blog.

  3. Suman: I know its only a spider, an arachnid or whatever.
    the wierd part was, a year back, i have laughed at someone who freaked spotting a much bigger spider than this one.
    Adi: really? i skipped class and went to watch khoon bari mang the day this was taught.

    Shoba: Welcome. Normally, i wouldnt have bothered but after the whole hungama with boss, i was sort of perturbed.

  4. oh yes you are brave!! i hate those creepy crawly beings -insect or not!

  5. UL:
    I hate dogs and snakes, i am pretty much ok with all other living things.