Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sibling rivalry

When Rakesh Mehra covered the sibling fight in his movie - Delhi 6, a movie that was supposed to focus(a more apt word 'mirror'!) on the problems facing India today, I laughed out. When did problems in personal domain become a national one.

But apparently I was wrong, here it is two brothers fighting out which has extended to cabinet ministers/ supreme court. Its what you hear from Parents with more than one kid all over the world or as mom would put it, evlow kuduthalum, ava kayalu enna erku than pakran.

You would think if your father gave each of you in billions of dollars you would atleast then stop fighting. no, sir, no.


  1. The inside story goes that the rivalry is not between the brothers but between the daughters-in-law.

  2. all the same, no?
    dil fights resulting in sibling fight - with the amount at stake, it is funny!