Wednesday, September 2, 2009

National geographic channel on expressways

Every single time I see the Black & white Cop car alternatively called Mama car in desi lingo, approaching an 'innocently' speeding car, I get reminded of the Tigress chasing the prey on national geographic channel. They ambush, these traffic cop cars, behind bushes, in parking lots and in all the places you cant guess and before you know there is the siren followed by a "License and registration, please"

These tickets seem to come in batches at least in south bay. I remember very well when a number of my friends got tickets within few weeks. I got lucky that time but not in the second wave.

After that there have been times when I thought if another traffic cop stops my car, I am going to hand him my keys and license and walk out. That would be better than insurance premium increase(first ticket in most states can be taken off the record by taking an exam).

What is more annoying is, once you get a ticket, while you will take all measures to keep your car within the speed limit, other cars will get annoyed with you(for sticking to the speed limit in the 3rd lane) and zip past you. Where is the mama then, is the million dollar question.


  1. :-) good post..I have nothing to say regarding this topic, as I never drive on freeway these son keeps me tied down to local streets. I am more scared of him than the cop, as he hates the car seat and would cause a fit, if I try to venture outside of his comfort zone (will stay put for 20 minutes in the car seat, when I drive to local groceries and shopping center).

  2. Na_an:
    "more scared of him than the cop," lol:) he is so cute, cant wait for him to grow up so i can hear more stories.
    all these tickets have been on normal roads/expressways, come to think of it, i cant even think of one person i know who got it on freeway!