Friday, July 30, 2010

I saw inception a week ago - spoilers galore

The first few minutes of inception made me panic that this might turn out to be one of those over the head movies and I am not going to get any of it. Thankfully, the rest of the movie was all crystal clear.I quite liked that aspect of the movie.

Somewhere they start talking about architects and introduce more and more rules, I dont remember which ones but I almost felt like laughing out at couple of the scenes.That is always bad when the scenes in question were quite serious. It isnt that I didnt try, I even went up to the point of trying to look at the defenders as some sort of metaphor and in the real dream world, we will have something more sensible than that. Such extrapolations arent me at all but I tried. The execution was good though. Quick scenes always makes a movie watchable, even  with a  lengthy movie I look at the watch less. 

But yeah, with all that set of rules, it did seem like a video game and it looks like i am not the only one to think so.

It just wasnt bizarre enough as my dreams. In a way that might be the real problem, unlike topics that matrix touched from advaita philosphy to all sorts of things which we only have a slight idea of, dreams are something all of us know. Not that we can write a thesis of why, what but we can raise our hands up when we see it on screen - the jolt, the rain, the timeline, and also to say no when we see what is not a dream.

Oh, not the least important point, but di caprio? the jollu flooded the theatre.

Ps: To think, even the execution could have been better, but then this is all one can do with this script.


  1. i am dying to see. simply not getting tickets. gahhhh

  2. Hmmm... looks like, I liked it way more than you did.. LOL :-)

  3. thought it was lucid dreaming.nyways loved it. :)

  4. Saya: yeah i couldnt catch in the first weekend as well. but this not getting ticket after two weeks is too much.
    Shoba: :) lot of ppl liked it.
    Viswajith.k.n: but bizaree would have been more fun and would have been more real as well:)