Friday, July 9, 2010

Tamil Padams

seen over the last few months.

Tamil Padam:
Don't know if it is because friends had quipped all the jokes already or the movie itself, I tried watching the movie twice - online( am an anti-piracy person but for the not so sure ones I like to sample online) and then got the DVD, couldn't get past half the movie. It couldn't sustain my interest. It wasn't that I didn't know what they were doing like it happens with some really pathetic ones, this one just didn't seem interesting enough.

Think I enjoyed the trailer better than the movie.

Goa's first half hour did it so much better what the whole of Tamil Padam tried. Especially the chandrasekhar's military role who just launches into an advice rain(advice mazhai pa:)) even when he can't find a situation to fit in.
After which the movie wasnt anything much, it really doesn't have depth or honestly a story line. Weird - post interval one of the guy comes up with a story that was happening all along without anything amiss shown earlier. But then nothing much is happening for you to pinpoint only that as a problem.

These guys are a fun bunch though. Much funner than tamil padam.

Initial portions where the kids launch into a super starry song didnt just have the effect they had intended i.e kids acting like adults -> cute, unfortunately, kids acting like adults on screen is the norm - so got a bit scared that this is going to be one of those movies. It wasnt. After the initial 10 minutes, kids were acting like kids.Small town authentic setting if you must know is my new favorite- and tamil cinema rarely fails me on this, these days. This movie brings alive the ordinary lives where richness is a defined by a house with one more room and a bike - real people, with a quirky love story on the sides are all the good parts. But this over utopian thingy of every one in the class becoming studious so on was too childish to even make a comment on. With too many good things going for it, this just remains a slight skirmish on the side.

This is the usual cinema story set in what is now becoming the usual for Tamil cinema - rural setting with a lot of reality dose. Pretty interesting.

Aiyoo, a friend told me it isn't worth watching. should have listened. What a load of a pathetic crap. Because a bunch of morons decided to think a young couple in love as one of those psychopathic historical lovers suffering from obsessive disorders( if only romoe juliet had survived into a marriage, madhavan shalini would have kicked their asses) and stupidly jump into a fight without realizing their opponent's strength, two people have to put up with each other for the rest of their life. 

Well, it is getting very clear,  these directors are drawing from their own life experience. Fine. 

To the girl who ditched Gautham menon - you are fine. The guy milked three movies out of one story but they werent really bad you know. 

And the guy who took this Nadodigal's director's help to run away with his girl friend only to separate later - look i am not judging your decision to ditch your wife, but you, my man, you have single handledly ruined way too many people's two and half hours. Choose your friend carefully next time.


  1. Interesting. Tamil Padam was leaps ahead of Goa I thought. Goa was good fun to watch with a bunch of friends and if it comes again on tv, I would skip it. But Tamil Padam I saw twice in theater. Pretty nicely done.

  2. me loved all the last three movies - for a simple reason - they have not been made for getting an award in cannes or oscars.. just made for the locals.. well n okay..

    that song of "pasanga" - in a rainy village - always the stealer..

  3. i think you need to see guru shishyan. the new one. sathyaraj and sundar c.and my blog still blocked in aapice? why ma?

  4. Agree with you on Nadodigal. Absolute waste of time.

    I liked Irrubukottai Moratusingam. Give that a try.


  5. Gw: I wasnt recommending Goa movie as a whole but the first half an hr yes.
    Arvind: Welcome.
    I am pretty sure i dont have any resolution to love only those tamil movies that were made for oscar.
    Sundar.C a? r u kidding me, did he pay money to make you watch him?
    Will do sir.

  6. I loved Tamil padam more than Goa. And that Saamikannu joke takes the cake.

    Pasanga is a fav. btw watch Singam, good entertainer :)


  7. i was not even able to watch more than 30 mins of tamil padam... my cousin in 4th std will do such jokes... socks elam oru mokai joke... crap only... goa ok...nice to know another tamil blog... cyu arnd

  8. hi.. me not offending.. its purely my view as these people at times change even the story line to fit abroad..

    that three films just just try to portray the binding between friends.. the love, family etc are the supporting stream for the main story..

    seen "Kalavani" - just seen the beautiful agri fields with a small story lice.. so cute..

  9. Thats some patience. I did not even think of watching those movies other than Subramaniapuram. Liked that one though.

  10. Praveen: i know i am in a minority here.
    Hary!!:(!) it just wasnt engaging at all. dont know abt the 4th std part but it was same as lollu sabha which wasnt as good as say comedy tracks in movies.

    Arvind: absolutely didnt think it was offending at all:)
    "hese people at times change even the story line to fit abroad" - never happens in tamil, to think of it in any indian movies as far as i know. Rgding, Kalavani, at my speed, i should get there in another year or so:)

    Viswajith.k.n: Give Pasanga a try. you tried kites after all.

  11. Arvind; :) but you have watched Kannathil muthamittal too, i hope:)

  12. in fact me loved the last scene of that movie -
    the emotion flow between - Simran, Nandita and that kid is always heart warming..

    in Ravanan - Mani Ratnam use that same technique - between Aish and Vikram - its a nice movie in that prospect..

    kannathil muthamittal -
    hmmm.. me just seen;)