Tuesday, July 20, 2010

It took only 15 years

Initially thought it was released after I crossed the shore - no sir, no, it was released when I was in school. May be missed it due to Rahman mania then? It is by Rahman. It is only for cult followers, you say? It was a Mania and we were very much part of it, the neighbourhood audio cassette shop owner who called my brother on the arrival of Rahman release would vouch for it. So, I have no clue how I missed it for 15 years.

One of the benefits of following Airtel super singer is it throws up songs, the ones I have heard, our all time favorites just flushed out of the temporary buffer, then the new popular ones and rarely like this one, a song I have completely missed. 

It isnt just the song is carnatic raaga based, but initially the words are caressed just the way it happens in some carnatic ones. Initial part 2 minutes is better than latter part. Unni rocked this one.


  1. Unni won the national award for this. One of my favs!

  2. Never heard this before. I was out of college then, but I guess, was too busy with the career.. :-) In school,huh.. Ayyo !! Sachitha!! Kuzhandhai..

  3. shoba: spooky slightly i was just reading ur racoon post and here u leave a comment at the same time!
    And Kuzhandai is someone who will be at school now not 15 years earlier.
    HaRy!!: But his carnatic concerts not so much.
    Praveen: for once, the ur trivia isnt quite accurate:) his website says he won it for pavithra.

  4. I have not heard this one :--S

  5. Viswajith.k.n:
    Why are you a kuzhandai?
    SK: So then thank me:)