Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Met that one again

Dear Peoples,

Met the person of that kind again today. The wife of six months that thinks the world of the husband which spills out into every word, sometimes the very air that fills the room. In a way, it is good for the marriage as I see. It will be a couple of years before she lands on her senses, by then, the ground has been dug, foundation laid for the many years of trust, love and other deebledadee.

But its a tad bit much( for you guys, for 'EQ' less irritating people like me who are such stickler to the truth esp. in these situations it is asking a lot), when you start expecting me to be in the bubble with you - the bubble that the Husband is the greatest thing that landed on the earth. It is hard for me or any other person who is not the wife to accept the bubble or even remotely fake the bubble and extremely annoying to even hear of the bubble. Also, to control the laughter.

Newly wed wives, no one marries a cartoon character, so be relieved the husband is not a super man.

Yours truly,
Sachu kichu.

Ps: wokay, before the devoted wives jump in and start saying i think i married a super man, as long as you dont think i/a non-wifey person should think of him as a super man, you are ok, okay.


  1. Wow! There are people who think that their Husband is super-man. Wow

  2. Been there and done that. :-)

  3. Sachita
    Time to get married :--D, if only to pay-back.

  4. Viswajith.k.n:
    You know the last friend who explained this phenomenon to and who was as excited as you, his wife was one of the few who didnt have this super man pheno:)
    Saya: meaning you behaved like the newly wed wife?
    SK: aiyoo.. here i am thinking i wont be this when i get married?

  5. Superman !! Seriously !! Right from college days, the only thing that I have in common with my husband is EGO..

  6. Shoba: I know of another couple who met in college days who dont suffer from this syndrome either.