Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lesson for the microsecond

Look children, what fame can do to you.

"its not enough to play the game or be a game player, its important to be the one who changes the game. dont know why i wrote that but i did" 

"hvae an issue with nights. days are so eventful that nites seem if the music has suddenly the middle of a dance step

Which is why i hope none of you ever get to be Phamous... that is a bad word stay away from it. 


  1. Wonder which idiot tweets for him..

  2. Well, this idiot - me i mean thinks it is srk who writes it and i also think Amitabh bachchan blogs/tweets are his own. I cant seem to shake that feeling:)

  3. Saumya: I have a twitter account just to follow 'Phamous' ppl - get my laughter dose for the day right there.