Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Bollywood, you are a tad bit late

Growing up in the bollywood era of dil deewana, I find it hard comprehend all the high vocab hindi words in movies today. If only they had started this trend earlier, I could have alteast avoided a 'Bol basha me mat lekhiya' comment from Kannama in 10th standard. Now, Kannama was ok, she would still mark you in 80s. My own Hindi teacher who would keep screaming & ranting on how she prays & fasts for us day after day, would mark us only in 50s. Not much of the use, those prayers I can tell you.

oh, the nightmare of 50 appearing in my board exam mark sheet drove me crazy enough I studied a full 24 hours before my Hindi exam. Roted the Hindi guide inside out and spitted out.
The gap between spitting and roting shouldn't be more than 24 hours. A Kanamma must have graded my paper or the VC's prayers might have helped. My nightmare was avoided.

Roobaroo Roshni.. only.

The reason why I mention this is I find myself looking for meaning of the words as I listen to Hindi songs these days something I rarely had to do in the 90s.

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  1. I had the same nightmare :)

    My hindi teacher, Ganga Ma'm would return my neatly written HW notebook bathed in a sea of red, and would give me 50 something in exams and comment that she passed me because she thought I was hard-working and that any other teacher will not give me more than 25 in the paper....

    But, Gods were lenient on me...and I showed my 75 with pride to her after my board exams :)