Friday, February 13, 2009

idhar udhar ke baatein

I am completely lost in all the hungama happening around the valentine's day. There are several things I dont understand.

I understand people are bored of signing petition online so they wanted to do something now. But Why Pink Chaddis? I haven't read any post on this topic. Everytime the I saw the pink sign, I did not feel like reading the post. I dont understand the logic. Is there some kind of cultural context I am missing? Hawkeyeview's post kind of made me understand it better or rather that I cant understand this just as I cant understand several things from north of India.

The other point is you are losing out the opportunity to push your laundry by day. C'mon, I know, you know what pushes us to eventually to do our laundry.

And then those Ram sena people declared that they will send Sarees back to people who send them PCs. That kind of got me worried that I am missing out on somekind of exchange program. Unless and otherwise, you send VS PCs, I think this would end up being profitable exchange.

The last part of this hungama made me almost faint, the whole protest might have worked. I dont know what was the reason but Ram Sena and Bajrang dal both declared they will not interfere with V-Day.

I dont understand the Pink chaddi reasoning, but could we send some to LeT, Pakistan?

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