Saturday, February 21, 2009


The only one criteria to watch a movie is it has to be engaging. There is nothing wrong with moral/a serious approach to cinema as long as it meets the above criteria. Even if a movie is trying to say something good or is a thought provoking one, in general has a noble tag, that is no excuse to skip the engaging part.

Rakesh O Mehra's movie satisfies that. Quite a bit of effort has gone into showing societal problems in a light hearted manner. You dont feel it, its there but the scenes are so funny that you are laughing out loud without forgetting the underlying problem in the frame as well. But with all the complex problems discussed with subelty till then, the childish climax doesnt cut it. In the theatre, people literally went wtf. Those speeches just doesnt have a place in movie that so stayed away from it for the first 2 hours.

Rang de basanti had parallelism running between the contemporary story and the freedom struggle. D6 also has one but the impact is hardly powerful. This could also be because I grew in Tamil nadu where there is no Ram leela culture.

It is more of an ensemble cast at play and they all do a fine job. I like abhishek bachchan but I feel he is becoming repetitive. Some one else could have brought in some charm in his role. Definitely worth a watch once. You can laugh sensibly for the first hour and a half:)


  1. hey,where do u live..first day first show?Envious.

  2. Bay area:) india away from india:)