Sunday, February 1, 2009

My right to drink

I don't like smoking. I don't like drugs either. But I don't see any problem in Social drinking.

Even if I had, I don't see why I should be restricted from drinking because I am a Woman. After all Man or Woman, the liver is the same.

Let us say even if you are some one who thought that Men can indulge in vice and Woman cannot. All you can do is tell me your thoughts. Tell me you prefer me being in a way. But force me, no mister, you cant do that.

And that is what culture is about, it isn't about resorting to violence. Isn't Indian culture atleast in theory as much about not raising your hand against women?

On the other hand, I wonder if these mob of goondas were actually concerned about Women drinking or Indian culture. They probably were waiting for an opportunity to show their anger against girls who wouldnt turn their eyes towards them. Who have privelleged life that they can only dream of.
Meanwhile, it is funny how the Ram sena actually wonders why of all the cases this case gets prominence in. I heard in the grapevine that Lord Rama has actually sued this Ram Sena Chief for misusing his name, special hell waits for him apparently. And the government at bangalore says it is against Pub culture. We only favor oine shop and tasmarc culture, the ministry was seen commenting.

I think the oine shops are also not part of our culture, we should all switch to Soma Banam. At which point Karunanidhi objects saying only Kallu is the true dravidian drink. Kamakshi of Kallapuram commented that traditionally woman have been part of kallu manufacturing and as such can drink kallu.

So, kallu, here I come.
Update: Anamika's comment just made me realize how I am so into my world. I read the rediff piece and just blurted out without ever giving you guys the context. Few members of Ram Sena attacked girls coming out of a Pub in Mangalore. According to them, it is against Indian culture for girls to drink. Even if you consider it morally wrong, why should the code be different for woman is what led me to rant.


  1. "After all Man or Woman, the liver is the same." - liked this statement :-)

  2. Kalluthar kanamma might be very upset at your outright rejection of kallu:) not me, I am very gandhian.

  3. sachita, can you put a link to the post/site which inspired/provoked you to write this? My GK is poor..but vaazhga wine!

  4. done, vaazhga kallu(or Kazzhu), no?

  5. thanks for the update with the link!
    Now it is clear!