Thursday, February 5, 2009

The Absolute State

"you know, till college I was very Happy." The work friend continued on about how she was the teacher's pet, Parent's delight and so on. My mind stayed back on the absoluteness of the statement. The quoting of 17 years of your life with a single word? I have seen that in Cinema. A family of 4 in a park with kids playing around with all their teeth at display, that is how happiness would be defined in cinema. But that is just few seconds.

Friend then explained on how the Professors at college gave her a hard time by being partial to another student as a result of which she could only stand second in university and how miserable those four years were and so on. Was that all? Now, dont mistake her she is not one of those self-absorbed or the typical crib pot of our Madras schools. I dont know how to capture her essence here. Take it from me, she has no ill-meaning bone in her body.

I know her life today, as a married woman with two kids and in-laws to put up with, she has seen a lot of the world. Yet, the happiness and what she described as misery made me uneasy, slightly jealous and slightly puzzled.

I am not the odd one out, am I?

I am a Sinner. "I can understand what you mean, the typical north indian girl obsessed with her looks." I saw the face twinge, she was from Delhi and her mother tongue is Hindi. I have known her for couple of years and I have had my foot in my mouth from the time I was born.


  1. I will get to know more about this college friend of urs during one of our live meetings.

  2. Regarding your work friend, may be there is more to the story.

  3. it is a work friend, my dear m.

    she is a pretty close friend, i respect and like her a lot. When she said 'happy' till high school, it didnt bother me you know expectations is what sets your happiness. But when she defined what caused sadness in the following years is what stumped me.

    on the other hand, i shud prob. just delete the post considering i keep her in such high regard.