Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Every one will get their bone to pick

Couple of weeks ago, Amrita of Indiequill had written about why she felt what felt about Mumbai Blasts. Does Mumbai blasts get special attention because a privileged section got affected this time?

Even before that, Dilip wondered in his blog, why the killing of 2000 people in Gujarat in the 2003 Godhra related riots, did not evoke similar emotions from our people.

As for me, I have been pretty much agitated with every Bomb attack in India. Mumbai blasts shook me to the core because it wasn't a sneaky operation rather an audacious arrogant attack questioning the very threads of our borders.

But during the time of Gujarat riots, I was busy arguing how the Muslims started it and how each religion is equal to blame. I did not believe Narendra Modi was responsible for those killings till Tehelka investigations revealed it. How ever horrible it sounds, that is what I had said then.

If you ask me, don't I care about peoples lives lost? I do. I love my life way too much and know the value of each and every life lost. An unjust cause like this where we aren't even battling the nature's inevitability hurts me.

But I don't know what makes each one of us react strongly to one incident over another. For example sitting in the theater watching Ghajini(laugh all you want but who knew i was that innocent), i got disturbed by the Kidney racket scheme. It was a movie, unfortunately reality isnt any different. Poor People losing their kidneys and worse paid a pittance for them.

There are people dying today across the world from diseases for which medicines were discovered centuries ago. How do we even let one human being die when we could save them just because he did not have the printed paper?

But we do and I don't have it in me to bear all the crosses, so I pick mine and you pick yours. Some don't carry it at all.


  1. True, we pick and choose our battles. But that doesn't necessarily mean that that battles we don't pick are inferior to the ones that we picked. Just that we pick the ones that gives us meaning at a personal level.

  2. Exactly and I think it has to matter to us at a personal level, else it is the logical part of us which is battling it out.