Friday, August 7, 2009

Cochin to Mumbai - ek film ki kahani

Before "Muthu", thalaivar's movie, there was thenmavin kombathu. Shot around a farm house, everything looked scaled down from Muthu. When the story travelled to Madras for Thalaivar, it was shot in a Palace. Atleast the story was still set in a village. The same story if it had dared to travel north west to Mumbai would have been set in London and shot in Buckingham Palace.

That's all I am saying.

And also the fact that in a way this reflects these three film industries.


  1. I didn't even know there was an original of Muthu!

    But I quite agree with the analogy..

  2. I went through malayalam movie series, couple of years ago:) So thats how I know. Also, this was the movie that fetched KV Anand his national award.

  3. mallus strive for the cheapest movie take- didnt realize thenmavin kombathu went through the routine as well...not surprising since priyadarshan directed it...not one of his best i have to say though...also the transition from manichitrathaazhu to tamil to hindi is just hilarious...a beautiful film became outright comedy...did you get to watch the original?... this is UL btw, too lazy to sign in..

  4. UL: i luved manichitratazhu and luved it enough not to watch tamil and hindi versions!
    no one can beat shobana there.

    btw, agree tk wasnt the best of malayalam fare esp. since it released in the golden era of malayalam cinema.