Wednesday, August 19, 2009

This is your goverment.

I did write too soon on 'Shahrukh security check' issue. News reports later have shown this wasnt a routine religious profile harrasment case as I had quickly assumed. His baggage didnt arrive in the same plane so he was made to go through secondary check. Makes sense. Shahrukh has complained how he has was asked to state a contact person. The question is routine procedure which makes sense to me.

What doesnt make sense is every one from Ambika to Chidambram from the Indian government expressing their anger against the perceived harrasment of Shahrukh.

I know I sound like a broken record touching the same issue repeatedly. I realize the futility of my anger, this post. I am old enough to realize that. But is it hard to see what I can see? Today a shahrukh is too special for security, then a minister, then a minister's relative who is most likely a goonda. Security check isnt an insult. If it is too hard try not stepping on their soil.

This is the same government which was caught clueless as the business capital went under siege by 25 terrorists less than a year ago. They have the nerve to speak against the security check of a country that has successfully protected its citizens for past 8 years(yeah i know they have their own issues but you have to admit the clean record post 9/11). The internal affairs minister of India, a country which has witnessed multitude of bomb blasts ever year for the past two decades has the nerve to complain about the security check.

May be the elegant looking man should shut up and learn a thing or two from US. That never happens, does it?

Broken record update: it feels nice pretty much most of the indians are raising the questions, atleast from the online world. When even Rajdeep Sardesai seems to makes sense, you know shahrukh's ego mania has gone too far.


  1. Enjoyed my first visit post. I think everyone seems to be getting involved for the publicity and making statement that reek of tit for tat... how old are they? the very same people never said so much about Mr. Kalam's incident.

    today's paper has a bit on how the organisers of the srk show in the us are on the radar. hence the check.

    we could do with a lesson from their book and tighten our security.

  2. Suchismita,
    read about the organizer about, the amount of wrong nexus the public personas across the world is shocking.
    Thanks for dropping by.