Thursday, August 13, 2009

Going all the way back to 5th grade

As I step out of the elevator, S quickly says, "My Manager is prettier than your manager."

Yes, today we work in this mothership company in a completely different corner of the world. But that moment made me smile bringing back our 5th standard silly moments.

S is a friend I have known from 5th standard. Known her for much longer than I have not known her. It is probably written. Because we somehow managed to land up in the same places inspite of our father's transferable jobs, us moving to states for higher education to different states and more importantly us. We don't even get along in paper.

Between, my manager is the pretty one. Got her to agree later on.


  1. LOVED this post! Reminded me of my cousin and I.

  2. Laksh: I have a cousin of the same age too. But she stays in India:)

    Saya: Good and bad:)