Thursday, August 27, 2009

Cost of a Plate of Idli,Vada

I always knew Bay area was expensive. But like everything else in my life, it strikes me a bit late now.

Some one who lives in Austin would probably buy a decent 5 Bedroom for 1/5th of the Price it costs in Bay area. They can afford to send their kid to Private School inspite of the mortgage. Here, after paying 750k, you wont be able to get a 3BR house in a good school district. Double income families, once into the mortgage mess, cant even afford to eat out. Heck, for the rent I paid for my studio apartment, you can rent a Posh double bedroom in Austin. No state tax in Texas while CA's governator is increasing taxes.

In terms of compensation, Salary, if you are lucky enough, you probably get 10% higher in CA which cant even cover rent. Competition at work is crazy. Weather is cool but I hear austin isnt bad either. Austin is just an example, I am sure there are equally good cities across.

It beats me why any one would choose to live in Bay area. Is this for the plate of Idli, Vada, dosa?

Label: has to go under moo point as I dont plan to buy a house in USA in the near future nor do I have a kid(unless immaculate conception is an option) or have found a father for that kid so most of the above points are irrelevant to me.


  1. Totally agree!!

    It being a tech hub, its probably one of the places where working couples can live together.
    Austin may be another choice, but not as flexible as the Bay i think.

  2. You are the first person I've across who has not sang praises and only praises for the bay area. I've met only ppl who feel it is Utopia.

    Not sure about Austin, you should try Raleigh. Absolutely wonderful, tech hub with RTP, super cheap cost of living(675/4 for grad student remember?), desi crowd, none of that crazy north east winter, snows once a year or so etc etc. I just love NC! And I can assure you the idli, dosa in the handful of places in RTP area tastes better than what I had in the Pondy Bazaar-esque New Jersey.

  3. SK!
    A wierd coincidence, two weeks ago I went through your blog and today you visit my blog:)

    "Tech Hub" - which is why I picked Austin.

    GW: "sung praises" aiyoo i was part of that Goshti as well, eppo than this late lightning strike!

    Regarding Raleigh, isnt it like gramum cook, neengulum cook:)

  4. Sachita
    ahahah I think I came from Grad's blog. Reg Tech Hub I guess Bay Area is bigger than Austin no?
    For some industry combos for couples, like me and DH, only Bay works, nothing else. I am sure its the case with many.

    But seriously I wouldnt want to move to Texas after being in CA. ;--) Mainly for hiking and proximity to all the beautiful short weekend trips. Plus so many Univs, so many companies..

    But yes I do believe it is hyped and it need not be soooooo expensive :--((
    And I do believe bay area folks are stuck up.
    Like how Americans think the world is America, Bay Area folks think US is Bay Area;--S

    Long comment :--D

  5. gramamum cook, neengalum cook feeling you get yeah, but then if you get almost everything, then whats there? I feel Raleigh is awesome for that grad school -> career transition. The next big step, you probably need places like the bay area or NJ when schools etc come into the picture.

  6. Madras is expensive too but for us Madras will always be best.

  7. Aditya: Gradschool town was very special to me as well, simply coz university is always buzzing with very interesting ppl who turn uninteresting in a corporate building. So I get your love for Raleigh, kid.

    SK: You are talking to some one who thought bay area was the world as well till I saw how rich the rest of universe is!

  8. kid ah? Ok a lot of things are clear now :p

  9. GW:
    Even though the I use kid in jest, considering I left gradschool 5 years ago and you this year, this one looks justified:)