Monday, August 31, 2009

Drugs can kill but..

Both Michael Jackson and Raghuvaran died at 50. News of Raghuvaran's drug problems were always floating around. The less said about Michael Jackson the better. A total freak show.
And they made it to half century. I mean can we walk up to a 20 year old and say beta, look at what happened to Michael Jackson and Raghuvaran, so dont use drugs. I mean, hello, 30 years filled with drugs?

In both the above news, I was surprised to find they lived as long as they did. Dont curse me, I actually like Raghuvaran and mourned his death. Yet the surprise at the fact they lived as long as they did in spite of their lifestyle was always there.


  1. but really, was raghuvaran so much into it? Or is it just that about rockstars whatever we hear is normal but when it comes to a tamil actor, the issue just blows itself up?

  2. GW:
    I really wouldnt know, I just went by repeated references of it in the media. you could say that isnt right, these news never died down, so i went by my gut instinct!

    Re, the issue blowing up, how many tamil actors are addicts anyway?