Friday, August 28, 2009

Second movie dialogue quiz

Four out of these dialogues I recall often with a smile. Fifth just breaks people's heart.

1." Latha Mangeshkar parupu podi araichi tharuvala..". Not sure if Latha Mangeshkar knows what Parupu podi is, but otherwise if you use more Parupu it becomes Parapu podi, more chilli, it becomes milagu podi. like that. simple.

2. "Enthiruda, Pathindu varathu..", if you dont know this movie thoroughly, i really pity your funny bone.

3. " Nenga pora route la ponga ammani, na vanthu join panikuren.." - the dialogue writer is my favorite and actually saw him upclose once in Bay area Parking lot in vella veshi vella shirt.

4. " Kelvi kekaratha romba sulabam maama, Pathil solli parungo... "

5. " Yenpa, enaku poi thangichiya porunthu eruku, vera yaar vitalayavathu porunthu erukalama ella, kila vitla porunthu erukalam ellana ethir vetla porunthu erukalam..." where did the girl go after this?


  1. 4 is Panchatantiram
    3 I am guessing is Sathi Leelavati... it is a kamal/crazy mohan jugalbandi there i suspect.

    1,2&5: no idea....2 seems like a movie I have seen sometime

  2. I have no idea about 1. 2 is MMKR when paati sits on the stove? I don't want to get this wrong!

    3 is sathi leelavathi i guess. 4 is panchatanthiram and 5 is Anjali!

  3. haha :)
    Gradwolf got everything right.

  4. I dont see an answer for 1 yet:)
    Welcome, Praveen.

  5. Ahh sorry! That is Sindhu Bharavi :) correct-a??

  6. I should have turned comment moderation on for this post:)
    Praveen got it right.

    Kaushik: shouldnt have missed 2, no? may be you need a revisit of the MMKR.
    Adithya: 4/5,Good. May be it is time to start seeing Balachandar movies.

  7. I knew only 5
    I know.. pathetic.

  8. SK:
    not much into movies, I presume:) Toppers are like that:)

  9. Nothing like that, I just dont remember everything :--)

  10. 1. is sindhu Bhairavi
    2. 2 is MMKR paatti or Panchathanthiram aishwarya not sure.
    3. Sathi leelavathi
    4. Panchathanthiram - Kamal to Nagesh with a Maama to start the sentence
    5. is Anjali

  11. Barani:
    WC, but all the answers are already out:)