Sunday, November 4, 2012

because i have already answered them

I answered these questions here few days back. Posting it here with few edits.

1. God exists. Yes or no?
Hopefully God exists. atleast some phenomenon which receives my prayers or wishes and acts on them!

2. Religion. Source of good over history, or not?
Anybody could do anything as long as it doesnt end up hurting being bad for some one else. Period. that is the only dogma I wish the world followed. Btw, religion is awesome, it comes loaded with fun cultural aspects and also provides immense relief during troubled times.

however, the caveat of forcing people and obstructing people's freedom can very easily be avoided.

3. Mt Rushmore. Who belongs there the most? the least? If you could add another head, who would it be?
A few friends of mine started a trip without an actual destination and ended up at Mt. Rushmore.
That is the only way I find it acceptable to be talked about.

4. Adult beverage. Beer? Wine? or Cocktail?
Diet Caffeine Free Coke. That is all adults these days can handle :)

5. Extraterrestrial life. Yes or no? Is there intelligence out there?
I hope so :) and hopefully the men look like Aamir Khans and Tom Cruise’s and women less attractive than me.

6. Mea culpa. Who is the person, living or dead, that you’d most like to apologize to?
I apologize then and there. Because I cant sleep otherwise. I am troubling my parents a lot these days but that is beyond me. I would like them to visit me once more to get something right.. but i dont see a point in apologizing about those. I have done that.. but the real deal is into not do those mistakes.

7. Favorite vacation. Beach chair, ski slope, foreign city, theme park, natural wonder, or visit with family?
Visit with family/friends is the key. Camping under the sky with few hikes thrown in/ Beach chair

8. Meat. Love it? Won’t eat it? Eat it, but feel sort of guilty about it sometimes?
Wont Eat it. I am not an Animal lover. I think God ensured I was born in a vegetarian family to save the animals, otherwise there would have been serious damages to animal kingdom. I have met people who have chosen vegetarianism. I am pretty sure I wouldnt have done that.

Mostly my vegeterianism is due to my upbringing, I dont think I am too fond of meat eating as a choice.

9. Sports. Die hard fan, or don’t care?
First of all, Answers should never have to binary. Fun to watch and play.

10. Music. What is your favorite instrument to play, or would you like to play?

11. The future. Optimistic about it?
Praying. Desp. want it to be :)

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