Wednesday, November 28, 2012


In some Surya-jyothika starrer, Surya would say, " Avanga summa ve oru rooba kudtha nooru roobaku nadipanga". i.e " If you give her a rupee, she would act for 100.  That is true for each of the north imports of tamil cinema. They have five general expressions (some sub sub set of the navarasas) which they show based on a general arc of the scene. You know - sad, anger, happy. In general Crappy. 

Kajal aggarwal, the usual bollywood reject(rejection is obv. on looks, as acting isnt a criteria for any femlae actor) but light skinned so imported to Tamil/Telugu cinema, is just that. I really wished they would have cast the girl who dubbed for her, the voice sounded so much more appropriate than her.

On top of this, every time she appeared in a scene, a song was bond to follow. A precursor scene to each song is Kajal's screen time in this movie. And that scene comes regularly at wierd story points. When you are wondering what happened to guy currently being hidden/ kidnapped/ killed, here is there is google/ swiss ... general tamil song.

Strangely, I got used to this Rhythm.  Some one explain this to me.

Otherwise, the movie was pretty watchable. You must have heard it by now, Vijay and every one else speak Hindi/English quite often like a normal person in that role would do.  The movie doesnt dumb itself down. It isnt super intelligent to begin with. "sleeper cells" are used as if they are Alqaeda/ some random terrorist orgranization name.

The last 15 mins were kadi with regular vijay crap. 

But it definitely right next to Ghajini for Murugadoss.

Vijay's acting has improved compared to Nanban, in ten years I bet he will be a very good actor. oh, he has already been here for 20?

PS: Somewhere along, I thought you know considering all the battles are really done inland, why not use atleast quarter of the army towards curbing terrorism?


  1. for a standard vijay movie this movie was pretty interesting. decent tium pass.

  2. The movie is good only if u judge it on the basis of vijay movie.