Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Book recommendation

Back again.

The last one helped me discover the world of David Sedaris.

Tell me about a book you have read recently that made you want to go out and recommend to every one you met. Even to the girl who walked by the mountain view library, I am not an intellectual not really interested in books. (I didnt expect her to say it at all).


  1. THE PASSAGE trilogy seems to be a good time pass. The first book is pretty good for a book about apocalypse...The second one is so so.

  2. There is only one book that I will recommend to every-one: To kill a mocking bird. I would assume you would have read it...

    I last book I read was the Adventures of Kavalier and Clay...It was pretty nice....good masala story

  3. Thank you ppls.

    Kaushik: that is part of all time favorite list. But would have been read by any book lover's worth her salt, no?

    Anon, L?