Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Just saying

Sometimes one needs a contrast to remind you of how good something is.
    - Shahrukh in kbc along with Katrina. He appeared super intelligent( he is but it just appeared magnified)
    - Watching Vijay in Nanban, I went back to watch Aamir in 3 idiots just to see how wonderful he had done. And for all that, when I first watched 3idiots, I hadnt given a thought to Aamir.


  1. meaning? Those are two different set of observations right? Anyway, I do think outside of his films, SRK is a shrewd gentleman. And a smooth talker.

    Actually that's the only episode of KBC I've watched this season and it was quite a riot.

  2. He is quite well read and it becomes even more prominent with some one like katrina providing a contrast.

    Thats what i meant. Similarly we take Aamir's acting for granted. Someone like Vijay ofcourse makes you realize how bad things could be!