Sunday, November 4, 2012



This seems difficult to sing along. may be the reason the singer is able to pull off is she isnt a native speaker of the lanaguage? As in the her pronunciation isnt too bad but if you or I sing the song, we would be stressing the letters and words as they should be but then the poem wouldnt just fit into this music, no?

The muusic  seems to run fast unable to contain its exuberanc:)

Still, its an absolute pleasure to listen to it. I have been doing it for the past 24 hours.  Look at Rahman's face in the beginning. The serneity could be yours too. 

On the peom by diamond pearl, as reduntant as it sounds, i am still going along with the word 'poetic'. Mostly, I dont have the ability to open a book of poems and admire them as they are. ( Bharathiyaar is an exception). So when some one puts in a context like this, it is nice then people like who wouldnt have otherwise got the poem get to enjoy it.


  1. It's so apparent that this is a special song on first listen. What an absolute brilliance of a composition.