Tuesday, November 27, 2012

News I would have like to read this week

- Fake news reporting agency.

"Manafacturers and the officers involved in  procuring sub-standard Bullet Proof Jacket that Anti terroism Squad chief Hemant Karkare was wearing as he was shot dead by the terrorists were hanged this week. They didnt die of dengue fever. 

The judge had noted that it was the gravest of crimes as we failed to provide basic protection fpr people who were risking their lives trying to save million others."

" Shiva Sena builds back the clinic.This was the same clinic that was earlier destroyed by them because the doctor's niece updated her status reflecting what was on every one's mind - that the bandh was out of fear not respect.

Shiva sena members also said they will like every post of the girl from now on. But the girls rejected their friend request. "

" Kapil sibal agreed in the same principle by which he had opposed Shiva sena's reaction to two teen girl's facebook post, internet content against Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi should be allowed. It is called freedom of expression."

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  1. ROFL MAO at government's comments on these arrests...semma comedy.