Monday, July 27, 2009

Achumundu Achumundu

At the end of the movie, a bunch of newspaper clippings are shown which ends up bringing forth the issue much more than movie ever did. Infact, nothing ever happens in the movie. A friend wondered if the director couldnt come up with a story/plot to last more than 10 minutes because he was a short-film maker. We discussed alternate climaxes to make it worth atleast an episode in TV series(half an hr).

Atleast the portrayal of a desi life in USA is accurate. When Sneha asks the overtly friendy Indian woman she bumps into in a grocery shop if she belongs to Amway, it brings a smile. Sneha's overt suspicion at everything unusual at her house or surrounding annoyed me but apparently that isnt unusual for people living in suburbs. It is quite scary, I am told to live in suburbs.

But the main issue that the director wanted to focus on, atleast as I gathered from the newspaper snips might not get its due. By making the villian, a caucasian, people who dont know about this already arent going to understand it can happen in their homes, to their children, by someone much closer to them.

Monsoon wedding portrayed this much better in a lot more relatable scenario to the Indian audience. Ironically, Monsoon wedding was made and shown primarily for non-Indian audience. Non-Indian audience will add this as one more to the list of horrible things that happens in all the Indian homes, look at all the Indians they meet with a little more pity.Tamils watching AA would discuss about the horror that can happen in USA.

Both these movies, by setting the scenario in an alien country has lost the true impact they could have had. Not as much a loss to the north american/western audience who are adequately exposed to this issue but for us it is.

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