Thursday, July 9, 2009


Tried killing several times, but didnt work!
- me, at Work in an email reply. needless to say I was talking about processes.


  1. oh do you code? I have this bad habit of generalising every interesting female blogger in the United States to be a biology student. :p

  2. @Gradwolf: Even Bio-something girls sometimes code, that something called Bio-statistics/informatics...

    @S: I often come up with that dialogue....

  3. hahahaha..
    Kill the process.. Abend the job.. terminate the program.. lock the tablespace.. violent work we all do.. i say..

  4. GW: tch, tch.. such stereotyping at this young age. but where does the bio come from, Software I would have understood, that is the question most people ask.

    thanks for the interesting tag.who are the other female bio-something bloggers?

    Kaushik: sounding like hit-man, in my case hit-woman.

    Saya: kill the "process" - sounds right, that is the key word i missed.

  5. @kaushik: thanks for enlightening!

    @Sachita: Haha, quite a few. There is TGFI, Schmetterling, maverickmusings etc. Not necessarily bio, but molecular stuff, cancer cells and the likes. You'll find some of them in my blog roll.

  6. i love mavericksmusing(lurk there quite a bit), wanted to mention her. Schmetterling is new to me though.

  7. It's me, your stalkee!July 12, 2009 at 8:17 AM

    I'm no coder (stalker, lurker, yes), but this post had me recollect the perfect Non-Sequitur tangent.

    Oh, needless to say, the "coders" up there in Heaven (not to mention the ones in charge of comic-strip archives at this newspaper) have a far easier time with "killing" (in other words, you have six days to save this strip to your desktop, before it's Gone with the Wind).

  8. hahaha.. i am not a coder exactly either. but the coder up there must have previously worked in microsoft, atleast the program i am on has way too many bugs:)

    stalkee doesnt have a blog?
    ps: we love non-sequitur tangents.

  9. couldnt help but smile, hope all the killing finally killed it? :)