Wednesday, July 1, 2009

rang ranga pani peke

" Rang ranga pani peke, Seedhi sadhi ladki bhigad gayi",* goes a line in this current favorite of mine. It has been playing non-stop in my car. The song has a peppy tune. And yeah, insane lyrics. Series of line found somewhere in the middle of the song goes
"tareef teri karna hai,
tujhe khone se ab darna hai,
haan, bul gaya ab tujpe din me
chaar dafa marna hai"
- in one shot, a mockery of most hindi songs we know. I love that.

The minute of visuals i have watched has Deepika padukone showing some expression on the face. This is akin to my high school friend getting a 1/50 in one of the tests at the IIT coaching center. The Prof. told her that she might feel she has improved infinitely considering her previous her score was 0 but sadly that isnt true . That is exactly what I would say for Deepika as well.

*Pardon my indi, it comes some where after english, tamil, telugu for me.


  1. haha i had not listened to the lyrics the first time I heard the song. Pretty cheeky! I liked the rahat faterh ali khan and KK songs better(cant remember them as i ve listened only twice or thrice)

  2. I know, lyrics seems to be the last thing we notice. I havent heard the other songs, yet:)

  3. hahahahahaha @ Deepika! Sigh. Will still watch this movie.

    I love the soundtrack too! And Chor Bazaari is definitely the first song that got stuck in my head.

  4. Ms Am,
    Considering the movie you just reviewed, if you miss this, that would be a sin. I hope to catch this movie too!