Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nange Paaon Chaand Aayegaa

Pon maalai pozhuthu

"Pot adichutu padran", my brother mentioned. He could be right, I dont recall much of the movie. Vaguely remember it as story about 3 guys and a girl . No, it is not the Bhagyaraj movie that gave us famous "ek gaon mein ek kisan raguthatha".

But this song has been cheering me up from the time I was born. Starting from the initial guitar note, the camera capturing sun glistening in the background, Vairumuthu's lyrics referring to the sky as the bodhi tree, the lilt in SPB's singing, texture of his voice and more than anything, illayaraja's music just makes it divine.

Carrying in the same spirit, not in the same league ofcourse, here is another.

"Shaam Ko Khidikee Se Choree Choree Nange Paaon Chaand Aayegaa" - need I say more?
So how is your friday, folks?


  1. I love love the first song you mentioned. I vaguely remember that this guys plays a sadistic role, but this song itself is such a gem..! Will keep visiting you to get more of it. Another song that has a similar effect on me is the "saathi malli poo charame" from Azhgan. The lyrics, music and Banupriya's dance never fail to cheer me. Happy Friday to you too Sachitha. tre

  2. Did you know that it was vairamuthu's debut song?
    My favourite is raja raja cholan naan

  3. The movie has brilliant songs. And I love the bodhi tree part of the lyrics too! Poongadhave and madai thirandhu are both equally great songs!

    But "pot adichutu"? Lol, I thought that is more suited to today's Mohit Chahuhan than that era's SPB!

  4. Guys, the list of songs from the era is too long, i cant even jsut one favourtie out of it. athave will go to 30s/50s or even prob. 100s.

    I rem. that but got confused coz i rem. vairamuthu talking about writing his first lyrics for kamal.
    But this is the first one yes. btw, a huge huge fan of vairamuthu, here:)

    GW: correction, pot is not for the singer, it is for the hero.

  5. Thurman's TweetSeptember 2, 2009 at 1:13 PM

    Hey, for some reason I'm all about "Nange Paon" and "Chaand" today, so came back to re-visit. "This song has been cheering me up from the time I was born." Ditto! And Nizhalgal was one of those three-lyricist triptychs, no (with songs by V.Muthu, Vaali and G.Amaran)?

    Btw, "Vairumuthu's lyrics referring to the sky as the bodhi tree" has earned you the answer to that question you asked me during our very first Dialogue early in July: "Yes, she does" (or rather, did) and here it is...your stalkee's catharsis! :-)

    ps: In case you're wondering, "Thurman's Tweet" is a nod to that songbird who rocked our worlds with Poongathave!

  6. Now, I understand why you had it under wraps, it isnt for mere mortals like me:) I shall savour your blog slowly.

    As of now, I am breaking my head over the connection between thurman's tweet and pongathave.

    Ps: i have always sworn by vairamuthu when it comes to tamil lyrics, Vaali I have heard but where gangai amaran/V. Muthu that good?



  7. Aiyyo. Koduma paduthariye, Sachita. :-) As Kamal says in PKS, "pazhamozhiyellam anubavikanum, aaraayakoodadhu" - I know this is "pudhuMozhi" but still same analogy applies. But let me explain anyway, since I care about my stalker's head remaining in one piece: "Thurman" is Uma Thurman from the Tarantino movies. "Tweet" as you know is birdsong. Put the two together and we have Uma (Ramanan) and her mellifluous rendition of "Poongathave" in Nizhalgal. Porumaa? Enna, romba "stretch" pannitenaa?:-)

    "were gangai amaran/V. Muthu that good?" = Aiyyo #2, V. muthu = vairamuthu! (Lazy to type "vaira" that's all). So there was/is a guy named V.Muthu also, in the Tamil film-poetry pantheon? Please enlighten. Btw, I'm generally terrible at "guessing" poet names from song lyrics. I just clicked on a "Nizhalgal" link y'day and found out the songs were attributed to 3 different lyricists, that's how I knew. Yedho naanum rendu line kirukkuven gardhu kaaga naan laam kavidhai la periya authority nu nenaicha eppadi? especially in Tamizh (which despite being mother tongue, wasn't even my third language (shame, shame) that's a story for your Zabaan sambhalke post, I know...maybe another day.)

  8. :)
    You are the queen of tangents,
    ""pazhamozhiyellam anubavikanum, aaraayakoodadhu" - i agree whole heartedly.

  9. "You are the queen of tangents" -- SinQ/CosQ, Ms.Santa Claus (Queen of, Stalking?! You may have almost run into me at Santana Row last month, ya know?). :-)