Friday, July 10, 2009

Mouna Raagam - Title visuals

Have these visuals in the title song ever puzzled you with respect to the movie? It isnt hard to guess these are the childhood pictures of one of most adored,loved and celebrated tamil actress Revathi(who was totally worth all the that, btw).

A mix of Back ground music used in the film plays along as the title credits roll on. Illayaraja's bgm was undisputably one of the four stars of the movie, the other three being Maniratnam, Revathi and Karthik. Mike Mohan without the Mike comes somewhere in the movie but doesnt make the cut though is immensely tolerable for once.

But the music isnt what puzzles me, it is the pictures. Mani is known for his screen aesthetics but doesnt use them for the sake of it. So, they couldnt have been there just because they were better than black background or were they?


  1. I think it was more of a celebration of the character "divya chandramouli"
    the childhood pics fit into that kind of theme..

  2. Thanks to your clip.. i watched several clips from Mouna Raagam..Like michael madhana kama rajan.. evlo paathaalum poradhu!!!

  3. I thought of the same too - I think it was his way of introducing the audience to Divya - the pivotal character of the movie.

  4. A-Kay: introduction seems to make sense.

    have to say guys, before today i hadnt ever thought of it as just about divya's life alone, i thought it was about marriage.
    Saya: i was just planning to to do the same sometime this weekend after writing this post. btw i can close my eyes and the full movie will play in my mind:)

  5. I have to tell you, I have never really paid attention to the titles...the BGM is so awesome in this part!!!
    And I haven't liked Revathi except for this movie (mainly because she used to come in a serial on Sun-TV that none in my family liked, but we all watched because Sun was the only tamiz channel around)

  6. BMG is awesome in pretty much every illayaraja movie more so when he combines with kamal, maniratnam or bharathiraja.
    Revathi is definitely worth more than one serial chance.Which serial was that though?( i had exactly 2 years of indian cable and rarely saw sun tv)

  7. Wow..! Impressed with your movie critiquing skills Sachita.