Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Red alert America

Remember the seinfeld episode where Kramer gets to be a Santa, he says something to the kid and the kid screams, he is a commie, he is a commie.

It puzzles me, this knee jerk reaction of the country to communism. As if its a despicable thing. How can a country that accepts the different races, cultures, a country that is open to all sorts of idealogies, all sorts of wierd religions, can act as if this is the one evil one needs to oppose. Hard for me to comprehend growing up in a socialist country.

I am not even a supporter of communism, the way it suppresses individual identity, it doesn't even work. has never worked. Enough people have said about it. Equal opportunities, yes, equally bad opportunity, no. But the intention of equal opportunity isnt bad in itself, isnt it?

Was it the cold war?

When O'Reily was interviewing Obama, O'Reily the fox sneaked in the phrase, "redistribution of wealth". No said OBama immediately. There again the knee jerk reaction.

My opposition to commnuism is it doesnt work. The way I see it, the knee jerk reaction seems to be more from the perspective of the loss of wealth of the rich. As if the people are screaming, " oh my god, are you going to take away all this wealth from all these rich people". It isnt fair, I agree, but it isnt the end of the world. We are always struggling with different ideologies, hoping for a perfect world. One of it happened to be communism, it didn't work and a lot of other things we have tried. So why is communism an anathema to america?


  1. They needed something (one) to fight against before the Al-Queda and the Iraq wars, and the (then) Soviet Union was as strong a power as America was in the 60's...and the only difference between America and the Soviets was Communist ideology...verrry simple :-) but the hypocrites that they are...almost everything in the US today seems to be made in China!

  2. Simply because it strips the powerful of their power.

  3. Kaushik: Got the soviet pahzaya pagai but that is so 80's right? hasnt anybody stopped to think in the past 20 yrs. Hypocrites is too light a word for this country.

    Saya: it just generates another set of powerful people, right? as i said i don endorse communism either.:)

  4. True.. and that set will hate whatever threatens to rob them of their power.