Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oh my Country, thy image

A year or so ago, I read Kite runner. Like every other person who had read the book, I loved it. Particularly liked the way the Khalid painted his country without selling out to the typical western audience. I told myself this is how an Indian author should write about India. Real scenario, real problems.

On finishing the book, I did what any respectable internetaholic would do. Googled* the author's name, reached his website, read his interviews. And there I found him explaining how Afghans actually hated the way the country was painted in the book. That things werent as gloomy there and so on. They thought he had sold out to the west.

So Children, what do you learn from this episode?

*(blogger doesn't recognize that as a verb, wth)


  1. say it as it is, i say...criticisms occur no matter what, but best to tell a story as one thinks best - from the heart...the rest will follow, esp. criticisms :)

  2. There seems to be some similarity between Afghans' reaction to Kite runner and in your reactions to SDM. Remember India+Poverty=Oscar?

    - Anon

  3. Anon: Yes, that was exactly the point that I was going for.

    I wasnt blaming the Afghan's reaction just pointing out that how they are as touchy as us( or just me and quite a few others from India). Was just marvelling at the similarity and also at how I reacted as an outsider.

    What appeared as a shame to them esp. exagerated to west, was just a reality of afghanistan to me. Was there a condescending tone in my thoughts?.. that will become a separate post:)

  4. UL, sometimes these are just not criticisms, it just how people end up feeling. they are from the heart as well:)