Tuesday, December 7, 2010

About the movies watched

Va Quarter cutting
It works fine as a comedy but obviously the movie has lot more which doesnt work as well.

I liked the movie but just the not to the extent I liked the previous one - Oram Po.
People had said(online) that the jokes were mokkai  - disagree totally. I LOLed, pa!
I also remember reading SPB Charan's acting wasnt good which is quite bizarre because after John Vijay he is the one who hits the note exactly for his role. Not that others were bad though Lekha just barely makes it there. Shiva was ok - he isnt a deadpan actor but he is no Prakash raj either. For John Vijay, if I hadnt caught him on some game show in his real avatar on vijay TV just last week, I wouldn't have realized the extent of his performance. He was too good. oh.. and didnt realize he was the guy in oram poo as well!

But something doesn't elevate it to the next level. May be it could be more bizarre in terms of the look of the film with wierd camera angles to give us the extra emphasis on the strangeness of the situation.  Or it is just Shiva's not so great performance. I didnt really care if he got his 'qwarter' the way I cared for Nick and Norah's fluffy concert or for Harold and Kumar's white castle.

-finally, yes it was watched:)
- and take it Golt film and Indi padams - tamil film did it.
- not a huge fan of this genre. I dont go wow on Hollywood films which have 100x more cgi than this movie.
You know because HW had always had these movies and they do it largescale that I never thought of what it took to get there. When I saw it in tamil movie(a first ever) though, I could appreciate the effort much better.
- One might even have to think of forgiving Shankar for his graphics in previous films that too poor ones for the sake of it like the totally unnecessary timeslice in boys, the ugly graphics in gentleman, Mudhalvan and so on. After all the guy was learning the ropes then that lead to Endhiran now.
- Has shankar never met an interesting, intelligent, strong woman in his life?

Yes, you read it right -Singam. I watch Masala movies in  fast forward mode mostly. This was no different. Besides, I had also liked one of the previous ventures of the director's Saami. It was another thing that when I tried watching "ayya' from the same guy. An unintentional comedy that one. And the guy went on overkill with that "Aduku mozhi" dialogue. If Surya headed to bathroom  the director felt need for him spout a 5 min recourse in "thuya" Tamil on it. 

Surya is what stood out in this idiotic movie. The guy was sincere for godsake. Loved his acting here.

My name is khan
There are certain things that people do at that that height stuck inside a plane without internet access one would never do otherwise - like watch singam. Even then I couldnt get myself to watch MNIK - if you think otherwise convince. I couldnt even get myself to select it ondemand.


  1. What have intelligent women got to do in a commercial cinema? She has to bring in glamour to bring in masses. Period :D

    Watch Raktha Charitra. It is not as voilent as the media has made it out to be. It is easy to write off any film coz of the language or the maker. But this one really stands out.

  2. I loved quarter cutting. I started seeing Uthama Puthiran just to see how it feels watching a Dhanush movie. Did not have the patience to go beyond the half way point!

  3. Praveen: was talking abt the role, not the actress. A director as big as him, has never used his actress as more than a prop!
    Viswajith: Did you think it was as good as harold and kumar(not a big benchmark, you know?). Uthama puthiran? I wonder if Dhanush even saw it!

  4. with reference to your point on shankar using his actresses as mere props, i think most of his movies show the male hero as a larger than life guy who pretty much supports the entire movie. for him the actresses are there just for the songs. As far as Harold and Kumar goes, I havent seen any of Kal Penn's movies!

  5. MNIK is way better than Singam. Sharukh has done a decent job, with lot of overacting & shrieking by Kajol. Singam was so bad..

  6. @ Shoba: SRK only imitated Rain Man no?
    @Sachita: In commercial cinema women need to be props only no, esp with heroism dominating most of the scenes.

  7. Viswajith.k.n: how hard it is to make a strong female character too?
    Shoba: SRK didnt put me off it is KJO overall sentimentality... caught take even a sip of it. They dealt wiht a serious topic and just based on kurbaan they didnt even get the top of it. Singam has no such pretense took only 20 mins 2 watch.
    Praveen: True, but shankar isnt hari he isnt making singams!

  8. @praveen,
    SRK might have imitated a bit, but I still consider the movie watchable as I thought srk didn't overact.