Thursday, December 2, 2010

Winter vacation

To all those travel bees,
Tell me some good places within US/outside(no, not all the way upto india) to travel  during Dec/Jan!


  1. I am going to Australia for the winter vacation. What better way to escape the cold than to change hemispheres!

    Alaska also is a popular winter destination among some of my friends. One week of bone-chilling cold and the Auroras!

    What about Peru: Machu Pichu?

  2. Australia - my frnds have tried and gave up after the tickets cost arm, one leg and their friend's leg as well!

    Yeah, Peru Machu Pichu is in consideration!:)

  3. I am no travel bee, but been dreaming of a vacation for a few months now.

    South/Central America, Caribbean-Jamaica, Aruba , Mexico etc would be a great choice outside US.

    Machu Pichu will be awesome! Enjoy maadi.

  4. New Zealand !! A lovely place to go to.. Very scenic and warm. Lot of hiking , bungee jumping possibilities..
    Europe will be too cold, but still fun. If Europe, PARIS it is.. Beautiful city. I just loved it. I am visiting Florida during Christmas, just to get out of this cold. Peru sounds fun too. I sent you an email with my email id. Let me know if you are going to Swiss, Paris, Italy, NZ,London or Greece. Will give you all the details.

  5. why not hawai? though I suspect you might have been there already.

  6. SK: ur THE travel bee:) Machu pichu is a dream, but i have very short time to plan let me see.
    Shoba: thx shoba for the email id. New zealand/aussie the ticket prices wud be too exp. is what i hear.
    Viswajith: no, not been there but it isnt in my top places anyway!