Sunday, December 26, 2010

Man Madan Ambu

Having grown up watching movies mostly on 'Thiruttu' cassettes and never on theater, movie watching in a theatre still brings its own experience.
Like how everyone's laughter sounds so weird in a cinema hall as we watch a comedy movie till you catch the fag end of your own laughter. "Do I really laugh like that?" - I should never do that again.. But the next scene comes and you catch yourself doing the same and so do the rest.

It is an 'ok' movie. The last 20 minutes are hilarious aka crazy mohan style. The first half has some fair bit of emotion which I didn't care for.

Sangeetha was a revelation to me. Next time, she appears her usual annoying self on a TV show, I might be little more forgiving. She was good, completely joined the party.

Years ago my then room mate said, "Kamal is known to do this. Look, how he had given the annoying mean part to 'choclatey' Madhavan  and took the good role for himself."  The accusation would be still valid for this one as well.

Devi Sri Prasad's music didn't sound great during audio release but totally rocks the movie.

The very same roommate had said then. " Kamal doesn't like to work with Rahman because Rahman wouldn't let him sing"!!

I still do think it is 8 months or however long it took for Kamal to make the movie down the drain. Not because movie isn't good it is good. But because he should be making great movies (they most prob. will flop - but should box office matter at this stage?) that he is so capable of, giving us something that would top off Virumandi.  This guy is at the peak of his career(in terms of the peak before the slide) and there is not of time to waste around.

Neela vaanam... so reminded me off Vetri Vizha's Poongatru and Ambika song in vikram -  apart from the actress who appears for one song in the past and dies at the end of it, even the locales are the same.

KS Ravikumar had said in one of the interviews that the whole story in Neela vaanam was actually from Yaavarum kelir. That explains the amount of montages for the song - it is a full fledged story in the period of a song!

" Vaiyame kovilaya" - appeals to me taken out of context from the song, just as a phrase!

Aww.. at the claps that accompany on spotting star names, on their fast appearance. I even clapped for Trisha's name on screen just to be in the spirit. After all, this is Tamil culture and when it comes to culture no point going half way.

Just after Trisha has confessed to her past which is all melodramatic, in the very next scene, we see her smiling coyly, getting into a romantic zone! - seriously?

Why was this movie made? Kamal wanted to go on a cruise and Stalin must have loads of money (you know  where it came from).

I paid 15$ to udayanidhi stalin's production - this apart from the millions of tax money his family has already swindled. Is he the kaliyuga Thirupathi? Are we all paying back the poorva janmathu kadan(Previous birth loan - in short karma)?


  1. I actually loved the film. It was never marketed as full fledged comedy by the crew but I think media projected it like it's another panchathanthiram, kadhala kadhala etc. And that may not have worked in its favor.

    And I feel he doesn't work with Rahman because he is a big time Ilaiyaraja fanboy. Also, in films that are his independent/pet projects, he doesn't care about some aspects. Like how Himesh, Mallika Sherawat etc. for Dasa were totally the producer's choices and not his.

  2. GW:
    oh.. that Rahman comment was more in jest .. thought it was funny more than anything else. But he does sing in every movie of his, right?

    And no, atleast I didnt catch any of the pre-release hungamas but it is sort of his trend now to do alternatively a comedy movie. So, prob. people are used to it.

    It was an ok movie!

  3. will save my comment till I watch it. but have to say. Whatever I have heard from friends does not provide me with the enthu to head all the way down!

  4. yeah, its udaynidhi stalin prod. so follow your usual viewing proc:)

  5. So far, I have not heard good reviews about it.. Am not sure if I should waste $15 bucks.

  6. You def. dont need to head to the theater for this!

  7. Only negative review was by Hawkeye. Dont think there were any bad reviews elsewhere. Hey so check out the comments section at B Rangans post. There is an interesting list of movies where Kamal loses his first love/wife and another woman falls for him ;)

  8. Hawkeye's post was quite absurd - to try to overlook all the past record of a person with one movie - which wasnt that bad in the first place.

    ofcourse, Read brangan's comment space, just that the list went way over the board - didnt even recog. some movies there!

    And what is your opinion of the movie?

  9. ended up seeing the movie in a theater today. and am not sure what to say of the movie. i think it is an ok time pass.

  10. I liked. Good in parts.
    Not a great film, but not bad either :)

  11. Hey !! I finally saw the movie. Liked it a lot. One of those movies I would not mind watching again in DVD.Check out my post.
    Read Hawkeye's review. Don't agree with him at all.