Monday, December 20, 2010

The girl with the book

She stands with the book, never worrying whether it is the line for rows 1-36 or 39-52. Never lifting the eyes off the book as the rest push and try to get themselves ahead - the sight of the girl with the book in the airport.  I like the image.

I wouldnt go as far as to say I like that person for all you know she would have entered Chetan Bhagat in the favorite author column of her face book page.  I just like the picture of some one standing in chaotic environment yet so immersed in the book.

I can identify with that.

With the girl who read a book as she was hiking up stanford dish. Some one might butt in to say it is bad for eyes but let us ignore them.

Let us instead extend our support to the teenage girl who brings her fiction to the dining table amidst the glaring looks of her parents and the words of atleast one parent, " Entha gavanam padipla erukalame".

Because as I said I might not care for their reading choices but I love that spirit:)


  1. Ah! I always wish to totally mute out the crowd whilst reading a book in the airport. It never happens. I end up enjoying looking at the crowd, and walking up and down the concourse, looking at all the destinations etc; all the while carrying a novel around...

  2. I love what you're going for here (sub-textually speaking)! And you sure it wasn't Amrita whom you sighted at the airport (face totally buried in the book, to the exclusion of all else...who else could it be...Hmmm)? :)

    BTW, Kaushik here stole the words right out of my subconscious...Damn you, Kaushik. :)

  3. sachita:

    looks like anonymous comments are back on - thanks! :-)

    last weekend, i was at disney watching 'beauty and the beast' with my daughter. the show also depicts beauty just like this ... a girl immersed in her book lost to the real world (until she meets the beast, of course).

    - s.b.

  4. Kaushik: :) reading normally mutes out others but i love people watching too!
    SS: Amrita? or either of the million other girls - not sure why it is just the girls always.
    s.b: even the previous format allowed anon. comments, i have seen a couple! Disney makes movies about the books? nice:)

  5. I like the image too. Was once that girl, reading away to glory oblivious to surroundings.