Saturday, December 25, 2010

I hope I really hope I never put up a christmas tree in my life. I just dont feel like it and have never felt like it and hope that continues.

I dont have any other statement to add to that. Not like we already have too many festivals without going in for one more and blah... blah..

I am waiting for the malls to be released tommorow after having been seized all the way from the nearby highway exits for more than a month.
I also wish these people have more than just two festivals. May be they should make two arbitary ones - festivus 1 and festivus 2. It is a human rights situation that needs to be rectified, surely a society of 300 million people in one of the most prosperous countries deserve that.

I also also hope that there is a little more reference to the man whose birthday is (apparently that isnt completely right) because of whom people celebrate the day. After all as the grass carvings atop a mountain on 680 reads "Jesus is the reason for the season". If I hadnt watched enough of Doordarshan shows, I might think people are just celebrating santa claus.May be they really are doing just that.

The last point troubled me a lot, in the midst of all the marathon santa claus movies, I missed the Jesus biography movie - I mean isnt that part of christmas.

Wonder why non-christians who celebrate christmas dont really care about eid/some such Islamic festival. May be al qaeda would be happy then. That just would balance out things.


  1. LOL! :) I have often pondered why non hindu festivals other than Christmas have never found mainstream acceptance. For me personally, studying in a catholic school for the initial few years kinda made Christianity very familiar. I never had muslim, sikh or buddist friends growing up so never really understood any other religion. These days am making an effort to understand but I guess unless I have someone close who celebrates say Eid or Kwanzaa I will never feel a connection.

    As for the tree, I have always wanted one and I did get one last year but did not find the time or energy to decorate for christmas this year. :)

    Merry Christmas btw! ;)

  2. Laksh:
    Pop culture atleast last century was more from west than the other way around so it isnt surprising.

    time or energy - i have that excuse for each of the festival:)

  3. Sachita,
    I so agree. Kinda dilutes the significance of the festival for those who celebrate it for the original reason.
    Christmas has lost the religious significance, they just want to celebrate and have fun. Sad but true.

    But I guess its nice to have some kind of festive spirit.
    And Non Christians celebrate it so they/their kids dont feel left out, kind of like how our parents got us crackers so we dont feel left out when the whole country was celebrating Diwali.

  4. SK: Though I think for the west - the origin of christmas was more cultural than the religion so may be thats why or is it an american thing? not sure.

    Btw this non-religious form is why it is so widely popular!(in china, japan - the most widely celebrated one, perhaps).

    "Non Christians celebrate it so they/their kids dont feel left out" - ofcourse, that is why I used hope for future, we cant say no to a kid's harmless wish, right?