Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Viswajith's explanation as funny as it sounded, did get me thinking more about whywhy  Rahul Gandhi felt the need to talk to US diplomat about Hindu terrorists.  It seems to be of the few surprising incidents where he has shown true political acumen. Congress identity has always been that of Minority favoritism. And their  only valid opposition is BJP whose vote bank is the hindu. By equating RSS with SIMI(one of those pakistani org. that also routinely sets the bombs in india), he wants to trouble that support system.

Politically speaking, I think this is the very mentality of congress that lead to BJP's growth. When Rajiv Gandhi in a Act ironically named Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Divorce) Act quoting wiki here, "denied even utterly destitute Muslim divorcees the right to alimony from their former husbands".

Now three points.
1. These so called appeasement/protection/quotas seem to be more detrimental to the very section of people they are supposed to favor. As far fetched as it sounds  the politicians are very well aware of this and are doing this precisely for this purpose. After all who would want to kill the Golden hen. I wouldnt have said this few years ago with all my naivety then. But the politicians are this shrewd.
2. This is the very practise that has lead to an opposition party for congress. For a long time, there wasnt a single party that could compete with congress's vote bank. BJP was the first one. Corruption as prevalent as it is, doesnt seem to be an election issue at teh centre - makes sense because every party is corrupt(Communist party is less corrupt but they are too useless for anything). Doesnt congress see through this? Now in a state like Gujarat, I remember congress toeing the pro-hindutva line.
3. At what cost, does he want to do it? As the article here points out, "His comment to Mr. Roemer directly undercut one of New Delhi's main foreign policy objectives—to get the international community to take the threat from Pakistan-based terrorist groups more seriously." - taking this opportunity to instead spread a false report for his party's political benefit is literally a crime.

With all the bull Digvijay singh has been spreading, it wouldnt be a surprise if congress says mumbai terror attack was actually by RSS in the name of LeT to spread hatred against Islam. Where it hurts and disturbs the most is, LeT would still be at large free to conduct more terror acts.

Here is also a recent post from Dilip that triggered the discussion back in my head today.
I appreciate Dilip for sensitizing people about the impact of riots. but I found this article of his filled with as much absurdity as the usual pseudo-secular armchair analysts. He seems to be supporting Rahul's words without saying exactly so.

If I have to add my own terrorism that I fear the most(just like every one is adding), it has to be corruption which is why I hate congress.


  1. adadaa...such serious thinking. bayangara vettiyo? :P

  2. Quite the opposite what with having to work this week on critical tasks:(!

    But you have been reading this blog for sometime now, you should have been able to guess that another post was coming!