Wednesday, December 22, 2010

 Third time in a row where I go to work during the year end ghost week.  I knew I was covering up for 'n' number of people but past two years were a breeze so thought this one would be too. Two crucial issues came up today on top of my own work. I am not going to go all why god why me? Being caught 1/3 times doesnt demand that. but it deserves a crib post:)

Pity me, dear readers, pity me. 

I want to see 'Band Bajaa Baraat'. With a free ticket in hand and was planning to catch up this weekend except they have taken it off theaters.  Instead there is 'No Problem' and ' Tees Maar khan' - free a kudatha phenoyl kudiakalaam - but watch these two movies?!!!

Such is life dear readers. Such is life.


  1. Go watch gult movie..:P nagavalli at fremont! :))

  2. oh man, it totally sucks to be working during these two weeks.
    Arent you supposed to be travelling?

  3. Viswajith:
    Its MA this weekend