Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Insert here - the most repeated shakespeare quote on Indian TV/movies about Name

I seem to have entered a new phase in my life. A phase where names have become irrelevant. Couple of months ago, I went to a golu without knowing the name of the hostess(I did know one name in that household of 3 - that should count right? I missed the exact moment when she uttered her name during the invitation phone call), before that I bumped into an ex-colleague(I think) and spoke for 5 mins without knowing his name. I think he didn't know my name either.

I added some one else in linked in because he seem to have worked in the exact division in the previous company at the same time period and his name rings a bell not the face. (Advice to younglings, add all the colleagues to linked in on the last day of the job).

The thing is, I know for a fact I am so much better in remembering people. I have freaked out friends in the past by exactly recalling why they missed a particular event when they didnt have an iota of clue. So I know if I struggle with remembering others would only be worse.

Few months ago, at work.
"John said.. John said that."
"Who is John?"
" He says he knows you"
"Oh, if he says it must be true".

Senility hits you hard, just didnt expect it to hit me this early!